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The first time I watched the “Happiness Doesn’t Come From Headstands“ video, as it was referred to me by my good online friend David , I thought: ”What an amazing message this book has for children!” I immediately contacted Tamara for an interview the next day. Poised, professional and very kind, Tamara took a fair amount of her time to answer my questions. I am very pleased today, to introduce you to a very inspiring woman.

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The Interview

When and why did you begin writing?

I’ve been writing as long as I can remember – Be it through music or stories, it’s always been a way for me to help navigate this roller coaster of a world that we live in. Life is tricky. Expressing myself through music or on paper have been ways to express and make sense of it all.

Tell us about the ‘Happiness Doesn’t Come from Headstands’ campaign:

I’ll quickly describe the premise of the book first: Happiness Doesn’t Come From Headstands is a modern day story about the search for happiness, and one girl’s discovery that even in the face of failure, peace can be found.

The story is about a girl named Leela who has a dream to do a headstand. So she tries and she tries, but no matter how hard she tries… she just can’t do it. Distraught, Leela concludes that happiness is out of reach. But what she discovers is quite the opposite. It’s a story about patience, friendship, and developing resilience while working towards a goal. But at the heart, it tells a story in which a little girl learns that the journey is more important than the goal itself.

Launching a Kickstarter campaign has been an amazing way to bring awareness to this project and raise funds to bring it to fruition. is a new, digital crowdfunding website where creators raise money to launch creative projects, offering the public the opportunity to donate and support projects they believe in.

It’s been a terrific experience so far. A great deal of work, but incredibly rewarding…

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