A long overdue hello and update

Hello, hello, hello… It’s been a long while. I’m so glad to finally connect again!

It’s been a busy year and I’ve been enjoying my role as Head of Content at Calm.com. If you’re not familiar with the Calm app, feel free to check it out. For those who are curious about mindfulness meditation, it’s a great way to learn and develop a regular practice. Most recently, we’ve launched a kid’s classroom initiative and we’re offering our app for free to teachers all across the world, so feel free to pass the word on to any educators you know!

Tamara at Wisdom Publications

I’ve also been busy working on my next book! Wisdom Publications will be publishing two of my children’s books in 2017 – a reprint of Happiness Doesn’t’ Come from Headstands, plus a new book entitled, The Secret to Clara’s Calm. I’m incredibly grateful to be working with this wonderful team and will keep you posted on release dates.

After years of hard work and many, many rejection letters, it’s nice to have a happy ending. (And a new beginning…) I’ve never chosen the easy path in life in order to pursue my creative goals, so I know a lot about living in fear and uncertainty.

Therefore, I suppose if there were one thing I’d like to impart as inspiration today, it’s to find patience within when you’re surrounded by uncertainty. Patience for the times, you find yourself working hard towards a goal, and all the doors in front of you are tightly closed, patience for when you’re shaking in your little boots – filled with fear about the unknown future, and patience for the times you’re exhausted from relentless effort and are ready to give up.

While sometimes the most wise and compassionate thing we can do for ourselves is to take a nice, long rejuvenating break from “doing” altogether, it’s important to keep in mind that we never know how our story is going to end.

Everything changes. Sometimes it just takes a while for change to occur. 😉

So I wish you all copious amounts of patience in your lives, and a wonderful start to the summer.

Quote About Patience

P.S. If you’re in San Francisco on Thursday July 7th, the Calm gang is hosting an exciting free event where I’ll be offering a talk about mindfulness. I’ll be posting the details on my Twitter feed over the next couple of days. I’d love to see you there!

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