“Happiness” inspires blog post by Michael Damian about non-duality and original innocence.

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I was recently delighted to stumble upon a Youtube video entitled, Happiness Doesn’t Come From Headstands, by author, artist and entrepreneur Tamara Levitt. In the video, Tamara speaks about the children’s book she wrote by that title. The book teaches the lesson that while persistence is a great quality for children to learn, we need to help them understand that their worth and happiness does not depend on achievement alone.

Happiness, of course, is within. It is our true nature. Tamara feels that children need to learn this early on, instead of acquiring false beliefs that disempower them. She is absolutely right. There is no greater truth we can teach our children, or learn for ourselves.

In the book, Leela is a young yogi who becomes frustrated by the difficulty of doing a headstand. I believe it is toward the end of the book, though, that we see Leela in a meditation posture with a serene smile on her face. She has found peace within…

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