You Are Enough

Here is my tribute to being single in a couples’ world. “You are enough” is dedicated to the huge percentage of people who, as a result of being single, go forgotten on Valentines Day. It’s for those who aren’t a fan of commercial businesses reminding them of what they apparently “lack,” those for whom February 14th couldn’t come and go fast enough.

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My hope is that this video reminds people on ANY DAY of the year that they aren’t “lacking” simply because they aren’t in a relationship. But especially on a tricky day like Valentines Day, let this video serve as inspiration to offer some juicy self-love, and an appreciation for the many gifts that come from being single.

Just ask your friend with 3 kids who hasn’t left the house for 6 years. ;)

Celebrate your singledom!

Happy Valentines Day to EVERYONE.

You Are Enough is Written, Illustrated, Produced and Directed by Tamara Levitt – Founder of Begin Within. (

Written and Illustrated by Tamara Levitt (
Voice Over and Music by Tamara Levitt
Colouring by Jeremy Bondy (
Edited by Pascal Bennett (


  • Angela Thomas

    Beautiful work Tamara! You engage in topics that are challenging for both adults and children and your illustrations are charming, and whimsical. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as much as the ‘Happiness doesn’t come from Headstands’.

  • Arlene Bruhn

    Lovely — thanks for this inspiring video — it’s a wonderful gift especially on Valentine’s Day.