Looking for a Safe Place to Stand; Finding Peace in Impermanence

Rumi QuoteRecently I’ve been dealing with change; much of which is significant. The end of an old relationship, the beginning of new ones, my living situation, changing significant aspects of my career, etc… Often in my past, I’ve become overwhelmed with this amount of change. The feeling of wanting “a safe place to stand” would arise. I would feel desperate to find that safe place where I could rest my head in order to calm my fears.

For some reason, although much uncertainty exists currently, I am finding that these said insecurities are not transforming into the paralyzing fear they once did. Somehow, instead, I am able to maintain a calm mind, allowing me to make new, proactive choices. This of course, is due to my ability to surrender to the nature of impermanence; something that even a year ago, I wasn’t nearly as skilled at doing.

There is essentially nothing that remains the same in life. The only thing we can always count on is change. And any time we “think” we have found stable ground, we find that sooner or later, the ground begins to fall beneath our feet. Our relationships are guaranteed to change or end, as do our jobs, and our physical bodies. So it makes sense, that, if change is the one constant in life, that we find a way to make peace with it.

Embrace it. Surrender. This of course, is easier said than done. I do my best to remind myself that it’s okay to feel whatever discomfort I’m feeling in these times. My meditation practice is imperative. The spaciousness that arises in this state, offers me calmness and clarity… and sometimes, that’s enough. I breathe in and breathe out.

In the end, I notice myself seeking a “safe place to stand” less and less. Knowing that all external security is fleeting, I prefer to seek peace by surrendering to the impermanence of things, rather than the so-called “solid ground”, which of course, is only solid for so long.

And once we no longer require the ground to create our false sense of security, it is then, that we begin to feel we can more effortlessly float through the challenges that arise in life…. And oh, how lovely a feeling that is.

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